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On this page you can find a complete list of our latest reports and publications for download – including newsletters, e-bulletins, leaflets and reports relating to health and care services in Dorset.

Copies in accessible formats can be made available upon request, please contact us.

Healthwatch Dorset Reports

Our published reports from 1 April 2019 to view and download are listed here.

For publications completed by the previous service provider (Help and Care/Healthwatch Dorset CIC), please click on the Legacy tab above.

Dorset County Hospital A&E: People’s experiences – What works well and what could be improved?
Healthwatch Dorset – April 2022

Accessing NHS dental care in Dorset
Healthwatch Dorset – February 2022

Young Listeners Project: Bringing positive change to young people’s health and care services in Dorset
Healthwatch Dorset – November 2021

Promoting the voices of homeless communities in Dorset
Working with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to tackle inequalities in health and social care
Healthwatch Dorset – October 2021

Poole Hospital A&E: Local people’s experiences
What works well and what could be improved?
Healthwatch Dorset – September 2021

On equal terms: Healthwatch Dorset Annual Report 2020-21
A review of our work and its impact for 2020-21 and our plans over the next year.  You can also preview this report on-screen below.
Healthwatch Dorset – June 2020

Covid-19 vaccination survey – summary of initial findings
Healthwatch Dorset – March 2021

Mental Health in Community Care – Working together to improve mental health support in our community
1. Full report
2. Summary
Healthwatch Dorset – December 2020

Right By You: What would you change about local cancer support services in West Dorset?
Healthwatch Dorset – 2020

Dorset health and social care during COVID-19: What local people told us
Healthwatch Dorset – November 2020

What is it like to live and work in a care home during COVID-19?
Healthwatch Dorset – July 2020

Your Mind, Your Say: Young People’s views of mental health services in Dorset
1. Full report
– August 2020
2. Summary
– May 2020
Healthwatch Dorset

Guided By You: Healthwatch Dorset Annual Report 2019-20
A review of our work and its impact for 2019-20 and our plans over the next year.
Healthwatch Dorset – June 2020

What matters to people using Poole Hospital Accident & Emergency?
Healthwatch Dorset – February 2020

NHS Long Term Plan: The views of Dorset residents
Healthwatch Dorset – July 2019

Other publications for reference

These are published either by us or partner organisations, and relate to areas of Healthwatch Dorset’s work to view and download:

Healthwatch Dorset and what we do – Leaflet, 2020

How you can volunteer with Healthwatch Dorset – Leaflet, 2020

Brand Guidelines
A guide to the brand and communications style of Healthwatch Dorset – 2020

Every Complaint Matters Briefing
Healthwatch England – March 2016

An Overview of the Legal Requirements for a Local Healthwatch
Healthwatch England – August 2013

Healthwatch Dorset Archive

Publications completed up to 31 March 2019 by the previous service provider (Help and Care/Healthwatch Dorset CIC) are listed below.  You can download the most recent ones from 2018 onward.  Otherwise please contact us to request a PDF version to be emailed or digitally transferred to you.

Impact Report 2019 – June 2019 (download)
This annual report for 2018/19 is authored by Healthwatch Dorset CIC about their work being completed as the previous provider.

Going HomeMarch 2019 (download)
A report on people’s experiences of transfer of care.  Some people had told Healthwatch Dorset that after being an in-patient in hospital, they faced issues once they were transferred from hospital back to their place of residence, including problems with packages of care, and lack of information about what to expect post-transfer in terms of self-management.  Some of these issues can lead to emergency re-admissions.

Making more voices heard 2017/18March 2019 (download)
This report gives a snapshot of the wide range of community investment projects that Healthwatch Dorset had funded over the previous last 18 months.

Check-up: access to NHS dental services in care homes in DorsetFebruary 2019 (download)
Healthwatch Dorset undertook a survey that asked homes about their experiences of accessing dental services for their residents, including whether they were experiencing any barriers to services, and what areas of improvement (if any) they would identify for service providers and/or commissioners to address.

Dorset Clinical Services Review (CSR) – October 2018 (download)
An information sheet about what the review is and what it will mean for health services in Dorset.

Be yourself; everybody else is taken – September 2018 (download)
A digital project created to allow younger people to talk about their lives and personal experiences in any way that suited them.

Choosing a Care HomeSeptember 2018 (download)
A short guide illustrating five steps to choosing a care home.

70th birthday card to our NHS – July 2018 (download)
Feedback to the NHS with seven things that matter to patients and service users, and seven things that they would change in NHS and social care services.

Baby StepsApril 2018 (download)
An investigation by Healthwatch Dorset into the experience of Maternity Services in Dorset by people with protected characteristics.

Community Investment Projects: making more voices heardFebruary 2018 (download)
This report gives a snapshot of the wide range of community investment projects that Healthwatch Dorset had funded over the previous last 18 months.

Previous Annual Reports:

  • 2017/18: A year in review (large file, on request only).  Also in an Easy Read version (download)
  • 2016/17: A year in review – Impact
  • 2015/16: A year in review – Spotlight
  • 2014/15: A year in review – Loud & Clear, making your voices heard
  • 2013/14: A year in review

Registering with a GP practice and booking appointmentsJuly 2017 (download)
An investigation into what patients need to do to register with a GP practice in Dorset and make appointments.

I’m still me – March 2017
A look at how care homes in Dorset support people to live active, independent lives.

Dorset’s Clinical Services Review – 2017
Healthwatch Dorset’s view of the public consultation carried out by the NHS (Dec 2016 to Feb 2017) about a full-scale review of how health services are run in the county, covering both community services and hospital services.

Evolving Voices2017
A review of how Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust collects and acts on feedback and insight.

Fobbed OffJuly 2016 (download)
This report sets out the facts of the feedback we received from survey respondents regarding experiences of making a complaint about NHS Foundation Trust services in Dorset.

Something to complain about?  RevisitedMarch 2015
A follow up report to see how easy it is to find the right information and support to make a complaint about GP services.

Where the heart is – an investigation into care home services – 2015 (download)
The report documents the findings of an investigation into people’s experiences of home care across Dorset and Poole – the objectives of the work being to gather views of service users which can directly influence the future commissioning, design and delivery of home care services.

Louder & Clearer: making more of Dorset’s voices heard2015
This report gives a summary of the each community investment project that Healthwatch Dorset had funded in the year 2014-2015.

Primary care dental services in Dorset2015
Healthwatch Dorset undertook a review of NHS dental services in Dorset, Poole and Bournemouth to ascertain whether people can easily access current information about which practices are accepting new NHS patients, and identify if dental charges are made clear to people.

PerspectivesJune 2014
Phase 1 report about experiences and reflections on common mental health issues and assets in Dorset.

Something to complain about?April 2014
Healthwatch Dorset’s report looks at how easy it is to find the right information and support to make a complaint about GP services.

Every one matters: feedback on Dorset’s Hospitals2014
This document serves to provide a brief summary of what local people have told us about their experiences of hospital services in the county.  One of the best ways of learning how services can, and need to, improve is to listen to feedback from patients, both good and bad.

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