Local people share their views about how they want local health services to improve.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has shared their feedback with us about the local implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan.

We’ve been speaking to people throughout Dorset about how they would like to see the changes set out in the NHS Long Term Plan implemented.  The plan sets out a number of ways in which NHS care needs to improve, so local communities took the opportunity to have their say about what those changes should look like – both in person and via an online survey.

We’ve been out and about holding information stands and focus groups at colleges, community events and local hospitals alongside promoting the survey on social media and in the local press.

We will now share all this feedback with local services to inform how the Long Term Plan is implemented in Dorset.

What did people say?

We asked people to share their views about how the NHS can better support their overall health, and how it can improve care for specific conditions too.

People spoke to us about how the NHS can give them more control of their care, help them to stay healthy, and provide better support.  They also shared their views about how the NHS can better support people affected by cancer, dementia, mental health, heart and lung conditions, learning disabilities and autism.

Some of the common themes have been access to GP’s, mental health services and support for long term health conditions.  A student at Weymouth College told Healthwatch Dorset: “I have anxiety and depression, the most important for thing for me is to have health professionals who take the time to really listen to me.”

And 89-year-old James Sanger, from Poole said: “I would like to see as part of the NHS Long Term Plan better communication to dementia patients and their families on the help and support available to them.”

Want to have your say?

Keep sharing your views with us on local health and social care services: call the team on 0300 111 0102, email enquiries@healthwatchdorset.co.uk