Healthwatch Dorset has launched a new survey asking local people to share their stories to help identify how health and care services are adapting and working well during the coronavirus outbreak, and to highlight common challenges that need to be addressed.

The survey gives local people an opportunity to anonymously share their views and experiences of how coronavirus has changed the way they access services.  Healthwatch Dorset will review this public feedback and report back to those in charge of health and care services to help them learn and adapt, now and in the future when the virus outbreak has passed.

Healthwatch Dorset Manager, Louise Bate, explained the aim of the survey: “We recognise that public feedback is essential to influence positive change in local health and social care services, this includes how to effectively manage services and deliver support during exceptionally challenging times.

“The enormous pressure placed on services due to the coronavirus is likely to impact on how people get the care and support they need, particularly if they have regular care needs.  Also, people are likely to have different experiences depending on their needs and the severity of their symptoms.  We are asking people to share their stories so that we can help our amazing, dedicated health and care professionals to understand how best to adapt and manage services in these difficult crcumstances.”

To share your experiences, complete the survey online:

You can also get in touch for up to date information about how to access local services and support during the coronavirus. Visit the Healthwatch Dorset website, call 0300 111 0102, or email

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