Our comment on the availability of flash glucose monitoring system in Dorset

Tens of thousands of people with Type 1 diabetes across the country will benefit from life-changing glucose monitors on the NHS - but not yet in Dorset.
freestyle Libre device

NHS England recently announced action to end the current variation patients in some parts of the country are facing to access Freestyle Libre.

The wearable sensor does away with the need for inconvenient and sometimes painful finger prick blood tests by relaying glucose levels to a smartphone or e-reader.

NHS England has promised that the device, which is the size of a £2 coin and sits on the arm, will be available on prescription for all patients who qualify for it in line with NHS clinical guidelines. From April 2019, these patients will be able to receive it on prescription from their local GP or diabetes team helping them to better manage their blood sugar levels.

But the device is already available in some areas, and people in Dorset with type 1 diabetes have been campaigning for it to be made available immediately here too.

Healthwatch Dorset has now commented on the situation:

We welcome the recent NHS England pledge to make Freestyle Libre monitors available to tens of thousands of people with Type 1 diabetes across the country from next April. These monitors reduce the need for painful finger prick blood tests and empower people to better manage their diabetes.  Local people have been campaigning for better access to these monitors in Dorset now, while we understand that in our neighbouring counties of Somerset and Hampshire they are already more widely available. The current postcode lottery is clearly not fair. People deserve equal access to this technology.
— Joyce Guest, Chair, Healthwatch Dorset

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