To mark Mental Health Day 2017 we released this short film, which provides an opportunity to look at mental health through the eyes of a young person. It has been developed by young people about young people.
Photo f still from LifeUnfiltered film

The film is the culmination of a six-month project that saw collaboration between the university’s Equality and Diversity faculty with some of Dorset’s leading mental health organisations.

But what really makes this video stand out is the fact that it’s made FOR young people BYyoung people.

Mental health is something we all have, whether good or bad. And this group of young people wanted to make talking about mental health perceived as normal as talking about physical health for their parents, teachers and peers.

Young people obviously have a first-hand understanding of the challenges that face children, teenagers and young adults living in Dorset. They also face very different mental health challenges to adults. To capture this fact, the co-developers decided to pass the direction of the project completely to the participants.

One young person who took part described why she took part in the project:

For me, working on this film was not only get to know new people and gain confidence. It was also a way to ensure fewer people are so mentally unwell that they end up in psychiatric hospitals. I want young people to be able to reach out and get the help they need before things deteriorate further.
— Siobhan, a Healthwatch Dorset Champion
Watch the film here