Louder And Clearer: Making More of Dorset's Voices Heard

We want to make heard the views and experiences of people, groups and communities whose voices may not usually be as loud or as often heard as others. So we support a number of local voluntary and community groups to make those voices heard.

We do this under the banner of our “Community Investment Projects”. 
This document - "Louder And Clearer" -  gives a summary of each of the projects in the year 2014-2015 – what they did, what they found out and what those voices had to say.

Together with the groups that have been involved, we will:

  • Share the findings with decision-makers in our local NHS and local councils, focusing on what people have told us: both what they think is good and what is not good.
  • We will make recommendations about how services could improve as a result.
  • Follow up to see what changes have actually been made.


Louder And Clearer

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