Every One Matters

Healthwatch Dorset has collated feedback from patients of Dorset’s hospitals, finding a wide variation in the standard of care Dorset residents receive.
Photo of the front cover of the report

For over a year,  Healthwatch Dorset collected feedback from patients at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Poole Hospital, Dorset County Hospital, and the Community Hospitals across the county.  In its role as an independent consumer champion, Healthwatch Dorset has collated the feedback to reflect local people’s experience of Dorset hospitals, highlighting where people have reported receiving good service and also providing insight on where people reported receiving poor care. They have published a report, “Every One Matters”, demonstrating that there is a widely varying experience of care delivered throughout the hospitals, with the most common feedback (good and bad) relating to the quality of service and attitude of hospital staff.

Manager of Healthwatch Dorset, Martyn Webster, commented on the report:

The overarching message of our report is the wide variation in the standard of care received. That variation matters, not only because it means some people receive poor care but also because it strikes at the founding principle of the NHS that every single person should receive the best care. In fact, some do not.


Responses to our Report