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Covid-19 vaccination programme - Healthwatch Dorset

Covid-19 vaccination programme

Learning from public feedback

​In response to Covid-19, the NHS has launched one of the largest ever public vaccination programmes. The NHS is Dorset is working hard to deliver Covid-19 vaccines, but there might be things that could be improved. Public feedback will help local health and care providers understand how to maximise the effectiveness of vaccine delivery across the county.

Share your views and experiences

We are asking local people to share their views and experiences of the vaccination programme to help identify what is working well and where changes could be made.  Your feedback, which is anonymous, will help health and care providers meet people’s needs and expectations.  It’s easy to get involved and your views will make a real difference.

Online survey: now closed, but we still welcome your feedback.
Freephone: 0300 111 0102

How we use your feedback

We will review all the feedback that we gather and share our findings with Dorset NHS commissioners and providers.  When our survey ends, we will publish a report on our website detailing our findings, key issues, and recommendations for change.  We will also share our report with Healthwatch England as they provide feedback to health and care policy makers and commissioners at a national level.

Information and advice

We can help you find the latest official information and advice about the Covid-19 vaccine and local services.

Find out more

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