A year of integrated care systems: reviewing the journey so far

Integrated care systems (ICSs) are the future model for the health and care system in England. They will bring fundamental change in how the NHS works across different services and with external partners, particularly local authorities.
The front cover of the Kings Fund report

The influential thinktank, The Kings Fund, has carried out interviews in eight of the ‘first wave’ ICSs (including Dorset) to understand how they are developing and to identify lessons for local systems and national policy-makers.

They say that there are some early signs of progress in delivering service changes, but that it is early days and more time is needed to embed these changes and determine their impact.

The challenge now is to build on the foundations that have been laid by removing barriers and providing time and support to ICS leaders to take their work to the next stage of development. As this happens, the understandable desire to see change happen quickly needs to be married with realism about the scale and complexity of what is being attempted.


Download both the full report and the summary (short) report below.

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