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Meet the Healthwatch Dorset Steering Group

Vivienne Aird

Chair of Steering Group

Vivienne has over forty years’ experience of working in the voluntary sector, most recently as CEO of Bournemouth Council for Voluntary Service.  Previously, she worked in community health development, advocacy for the rights of carers, and community centre management.  She is a trustee of SEDCAT (South East Dorset Community Accessible Transport).

Vivienne is committed to the ideal of a healthcare system which is holistic and preventative in its approach, tackling the root causes of ill health which are often socio-economic in origin.  She believes passionately that health and social care services can be improved if they reflect and respond to the views and needs of the people who use them: “In all the settings where I have worked, the need for more responsive health and care services became a key priority.  I am committed to achieving this locally through my work with Healthwatch Dorset.”

Margaret Guy

Steering Group member

Margaret is a retired public health physician and ex Executive Director of NHS Westminster, and current PPG Chair in Swanage.  She brings over 40 years’ experience of working with the NHS to the Steering Group – with particular experience of improving the population’s health and wellbeing, reducing health inequalities and improving the quality of health services.

“I believe it is essential to enable people to share their experiences of health and social care services in order to improve the quality of current services – and to help shape future services. Healthwatch Dorset is best placed to give local people a strong voice to influence and challenge how health and social care services are provided in Dorset.  It is Healthwatch Dorset’s independence that makes it special.”

Amanda Shirlin-Brown

Special Advisor (Children, Young People & Families)

Amanda is employed by BCP Council as the Parenting Lead for Children’s Centres in Poole.

“I am hoping to be able to raise the profile of families within the area and to highlight some of the issues they are facing.”

Naomi Patterson

Special Advisor (Parent Carers)

Naomi is a parent carer and a governor at Dorset County Hospital.

Ebi Sosseh

Special Advisor (Equality & Diversity)

Ebi is currently running the BCP CAB Hate Crime Project.

Sue Warr

Special Advisor (Older People)

Sue is the PramaLife manager at Pramacare, managing community-based support for older people across Dorset.

“It’s good to share knowledge and experience as it builds your own knowledge and experience!  I think I have both things to contribute and things to learn.”

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